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AGM March 18, 2005

This year's Annual General Meeting took place Friday, March 18th, 2003 at 8.00pm at the Standard Athletic Club. It was followed by a prize-giving (dominated by the absent Rosset family) and a magnificent dinner. Entertainment was provided by Sue Hall and the Dance of The Red Shirt.

The existing Committee was unanimously re-elected en bloc:

  • Pam Constant (Chair)

  • Malcolm Forrest

  • Sue Hall

  • Claude Jacques

  • Nigel Law

  • Maurice McCullough

  • James Moore

  • Simon Murphy

The 2004 Committee: (missing Malcolm and Sue)

The 2005 Committee: (missing Malcolm and Sue)

Sue Hall demonstrating the latest in sartorial fashion in the Bullring and on the Golf Course - you guessed it, a Golf Section Golf Shirt:

Crowds of worshippers at the shrine of the Blessèd Saint Pam:


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