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SAC Golf Weekend
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th April, 2005

Domaine et Golf de Vaugouard

Sue says:
"I'm sure all will agree - a truly marvellous w/end:
- good location
- not too far to drive
- well appointed rooms
- great food
- even the weather held up
- extremely difficult course
- fantastic organisation
- great job by Simon
- a hard act to follow for Maurice organising the w/e of Sep 23rd to 25th at Les Dryades"

Kiwi Cup - Saturday April 9th

And the surprise winner, is not A Rosset but B Rosset.

Well done Bruno! (Again!)

1st Muriel Jones - 32
2nd Deirdre McCullough - 31
3rd Julie Peacock - 30
4th Jenny Pratt - 26
5th Celia Berry - 25


1st Bruno Rosset - 37
2nd Michael Dean - 32
3rd Neil Anderson - 31
4th Alan Peacock - 31
5th Patrick Tyrrell - 26
6th Peter Howard - 25
7th John Greenwood - 25

Sunday competition (April 10th)

3 ball scramble

  Team Gross Score Net Score
1st Neil Anderson, Peter Engelen, Liz Anderson 73 63.24
2nd Andrew Dean, Pat Cully, Jenny Pratt 73 63.36
3rd Ian Jones, Claude Jacques, Monica Greenwood 74 63.96
4th Alan Peacock, Peter Hall, Amina Fahmy 75 65.21
5th Douglas Anderson, Rafik Tagher, Mary Rosset 76 66.10

Hot from our resident paparazza

"Candid Moments"

Claude lining up a goose for dinner

Photos courtesy Pat Cully


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