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SAC Golf Weekend
Friday September 23rd - Sunday September 25th
Le Touquet


Kiwi Cup-winner (best net): Alex Murphy (37)

Andrew Dean Scratch Trophy (Swedish Glass Objet d'Art!):
Roland Bouloux (21)

Here is a quick overview of our weekend at Le Touquet.

Weather was excellent and the courses – in particular La Mer – were in good condition.

We played for the Kiwi Cup on La Mer on Saturday. There were 27 players – including Jean-Noël Petit who played with us on that day. It was tough for ladies up to 24.4 handicap to go off the blues and for men up to 15.4 (in particular me) to go off the whites, despite the good weather and lack of wind!

The Kiwi Cup was won by Alex with a score of 37 points, followed for the men by Roland Bouloux 36 points, Jean-Charles Saden 35 points (his actual scores was 43 points, but this was brought down to 35 because his handicap was capped at 36 for the purposes of the competition), Rafik Tagher 32 points, Alan Peacock 29 points, and Peter Hall 6th also with 29 points.

The ladies' winners were : Penny (34 points), Naomi (33), Monica (31) and Mary (31). You will notice that there was one more prize given out for each of the ladies and the men than anticipated. This was because Andrew Dean kindly donated 2 golf books to be given as prizes.

The Dean Trophy was won by Roland with a gross score of 21 points.

On Sunday, we played a three-ball scramble à la française on La Forêt. 24 of us played, since Naomi and Ron expressed the wish not to play, and we were without Jean-Noël. Winners were:

  1. Julie, Rafik, and Jean-Charles (44 points)
  2. Ian, Penny, and Peter Hall (40)
  3. James, Muriel and Chris Fewkes (39)
    ahead of
  4. Andrew, Jenny, and Mary on a count back

Simon Murphy

Kiwi Cup - Stableford Net

1st Penny Tagher - 34
2nd Naomi Moore - 33
3rd Monica Greenwood - 31
4th Mary Rosset - 31
1st Alex Murphy - 37
2nd Roland Bouloux - 36
3rd Jean-Charles Saden - 35*
4th Rafik Tagher - 32
5th Alan Peacock - 29
Peter Hall - 29

* at playing handicap 36 - max for the Kiwi Cup; full handicap score 43



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