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SAC Golf Weekend
Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd April, 2006

From our Special Correspondent, Sue Hall - Sancerre, 23rd April -- The Sancerre Course, rather like Le Vaugouard, given a low slope by FFG, caused grief to many players who found they were giving shots back to the long and rough ridden holes of Sancerre. Drowning their sorrows in the excellent local brew on Friday night in preparation for the big day on Saturday did little to restore everybody's natural radar to find their balls.

The outing was blessed with excellent weather to which the many red arms, noses and backs of necks and knees will testify. However, once again there may be some argument as to whether the red faces was caused by the sunshine or a glass too many. Hotel, restaurant and course staff all very welcoming and everyone must have appreciated having their food waiting for them as they happily flopped into a chair after a flat but gruelling course.

Hats off to Malcolm Forrest, who once again organised a super weekend.

Sancerre will stay on the list for a return visit.


Click for album, many thanks to Monica and Sue.


Kiwi Cup

Winner - Ali Fahmy

Net Men
1st Ali Fahmy
2nd Michael Dean
3rd Fraser Anderson
4th Rafik Tagher
Net Ladies
1st Muriel Jones
2nd Monica Greenwood
3rd Mary Rosset
4th Joyce Jacques

Sunday competition

Formula: 3 ball team stableford (1st 6 holes - best score to count, 2nd 6 holes - 2 best scores to count, last 6 holes - all 3 scores to count).

Everybody found innovation quite ingenious even if they had trouble understanding it on Saturday evening (the wine must have temporarily run out) and all got plenty of golf (and frustration looking for more balls).

Taking into consideration above results, not surprising that winning team was comprised of Ali Fahmy, Fraser Anderson & Rafik Tagher.

Also featured:

  Team Score
1st Ali Fahmy, Fraser Anderson & Rafik Tagher 71
2nd Patrick Tyrrell, Françoise Hibbs, & Mary Rosset 69
3rd Amina Fahmy, John Willatts, Celia Berry 68
4th Elizabeth Lacey, Simon Murphy, Claude Jacques 66



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