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Local news

23/09/06 Les Amis de Villarceaux
Alan Peacock paired with Didier Delafontaine and Claude Jacques with son Philippe between them walked off with the Brut and the Net prizes.
12/7/06 Claude Jacques Elected Member of the Hole-in-One Club By virtue of his ace scored on the 11th at Villarceaux on Wednesday, July 12th*, 2006

Congratulations Claude! * or was it the 19th or 26th?

1/05/06 Rocquencourt: One year on, the GolfBag news service is still suspended, really more through continuing idleness than actual inability....
Sorry folks!
1/05/05 Orgeval: GolfBag suffers back injury while driving to Le Touquet for weekend, causing interruption of normal news service.
30/04/05 Villarceaux: Jill Forrest holds nerve to grab victory in the 1S Ladies Eclectic 2 competition (which featured a strong SAC turnout).

More details here.

  • 23/04/05 Villarceaux--The Hibbs strike winning vein!
    Coast to easy victory in Greensome Trophy
  • 18/04/05 -- Competition Secretary Claude adds new duties
    Indeed, a white plume of smoke arising from the SAC Conclave this Sunday 17th signalled the beginning of the reign of His Holiness Claude Jacques, Competition Secretary of this Parish and now SAC Supremo (Vice-president and Chairman if you will)
    18/04/10 -- Jas and Joss miss Golf weekend
    - but complete Paris Marathon!
    18/04/09 -- Golf Weekend at Vaugouard
    Kiwi Cup stays in the family with Bruno taking over from Mary. Details and photos here.
    03/04/05 - Our valiant Villarceaux ladies (Celia, Pam, Sue, et al) thrash St Marc at St Marc.
    See the match report by Suzon. Rendez-vous at Villarceaux in the Autumn for the final preliminary vs Bèthemont on 22 October.
    18/03/05 - Shock Committee election Result!
    Whole 2004 committee ousted in palace revolution then re-elected en bloc. Phew, that was close! Follow this link for more dramatic details from one who was there and returned to tell the tale!
    18/03/05 -- 1st anniversary of GolfBag's last golf game. (Sniff!)
    12/03/05 -- Villarceaux Ladies still unbeaten in 2005 Coupe de Paris
    And this record achieved without hitting a ball - or playing a match unfortunately; the first cancelled due to snow, the second because the course at St Marc unfit for play.
  • Number of Fixtures - 2; number of matches played - 0. More here and here.

  • 12/03/05 -- Villarceaux Ladies still unbeaten in 2005 Coupe de Paris
    And this record achieved without hitting a ball - or playing a match unfortunately; the first cancelled due to snow, the second because the course at St Marc unfit for play.
  • Number of Fixtures - 2; number of matches played - 0. More here and here.

  • March 5 - See why you couldn't play today?

    Pretty though! Photo 1, Photo  2, Photo 3, at the Villarceaux web site.

    19/02/05 -- Scramble, Scramble, Toil and Scramble
    Marie-France Murphy bewitches course and leads partners Simon (hubbie) and John Willats to inspired victory. All the gory details here
    15/01/05 -- Rossets continue to amaze
    Post easy victory in 2005's first competition
    21/10/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies succumb to stronger Joyenval in final of Coupe de Paris 2004

    Indeed, today the Villarceaux Ladies came tantalizingly close to winning the 2004 edition of the Coupe de Paris, but came up against a stronger Joyenval team In the Final played at the Golf National on the challenging Albatross course in cold and windy conditions.
    Well done to our 4 SAC Players - Celia Berry, Julie Peacock (and caddie Alan), Pam Constant and Sue Hall. Unfortunately only Celia managed a (fairly easy) victory, despite massed crowds of SAC spectators including  Dougie, Claude and even GolfBag himself in a rare outing.
    Action photos of our stars have been collected into an album.

    24/10/04 -- Coupe des Sponsors

    SAC members feature strongly - Julie P and Joyce J taking "Brut" in their categories, with Alan P second net in 2nd series with (non-member) Roland 1st net in 1st series. Full results on Villarceaux site

    17/10/04 -- Michael Dean the Younger takes place in history with massive win over Peter Howard

    In a live commentary direct from the bar at Villarceaux, the SacGolfNews special correspondent writes:

    "Peter Howard and Michael Dean played today in the final and, after a
    ding-dong match with the lead changing hands several times, Dean
    ended up the winner by 2/1. A bystander wandered out of the bar and
    witnessed a strange tee-shot by Dean at the 9th, with Howard having already put his tee-shot in a good position on the green. The said shot by Dean was a slightly hooked ball into the side of the lake, which skipped out onto the grass beyond and ended in a par. Some comment about walking on water was heard as the two players approached the green. Both players were apparently round in about their handicaps and, according to the probably unreliable bystander, both finished the "dead" hole with pars at the last."

    9/10/04 -- Autumn Vase
    Winner: Murielle Jones - Best Net Stableford Score
    (Man or Woman). Michael Dean took the 1st Series Men's Net, Jacqueline Malherbe the 1st Series Ladies' and in the Gross category, Laurent Truchot won the Men's and Christiane Boisseau the Ladies'. Full Report
    24-26/09/04 -- Omaha Beach Golf Weekend Kiwi Cup won by Mary Rosset

    - ably followed by Penny Tagher and Jenny Pratt. For the men only brave Peter Hall and Patrick Tyrrell were able to stem the irresistible march of the Andersons

    28-29/08/04 -- Quadrathlon Cancelled
    If missing this year's cancelled Quadrathlon has been too much to bear - just look at the recently compiled Quadrathlon Album for a quick or leisurely nostalgic wallow.
    22/09/04 -- Rider Cup - Match Drawn Sweden 4 - Rest of World 4
    Sweden retained Cup. Detailed report.
    11/7/04 -- Qualification régionale de l'interclubs par équipes - Promotion Dames At Fourqueux - Final day
    The five teams are going forward to the national championships are St Cloud, RCF, Bussy, Fourqueux and St Germain. Results on this (pdf) page.
    10/7/04 -- Qualification régionale de l'interclubs par équipes - Promotion Dames At Fourqueux
    The team improved its position by one place to lie 17th, unfortunately still 10 shots away from that 15th qualifying place (best 5 of 6 scores totalling 463). Even a creditable 82 from Eve and 91 from Celia couldn't compete with a pair of scores in the 70's from the 1/2 way leaders St Cloud (5 of 6 handicaps less than 6.4!) and a remarkable 73 by a player (2.7 index) from 4th placed La Vaucouleurs. See the results on the on the results page of the Ligue de Paris site.
    9/7/04 -- Qualification régionale de l'interclubs par équipes - Promotion Dames At Fourqueux on 9/10/11 July
    After day 1, Villarceaux lies 18th, 3 places and 10 shots off the "cut" of 15 teams,  Lets hope that Eve, Celia and Sue can knock those 10 points off on Saturday.
    24/6/04 -- Villarceaux Seniors beaten by Seraincourt in semi-final of Seniors IdF championship (CHAMPIONNAT IDF PAR EQUIPES SENIORS MESSIEURS PROMOTION 2004)
    Seraincourt were the stronger team so went through to final against Ozoir 10/4 after the home and away sessions detailed here. Despite 'Our Hero' Jonesy on Tuesday at Vill taking Serge Denoix (of whom I've written much recently) to the 17th before succumbing 2/1 (Jonesy's 78 wasn't bad, but Serge can put putts in from anywhere.) And then on Thursday, Ian "Golden Boy" Jones held Serge to a half on his own ground. Well done Jonesy! You don't do penalties too do you?  (Actually GolfBag was lucky enough to have Serge as a Greensome partner in some wrinkly interclub event last year, an his principal memory is of putting Serge into every greenside bunker, and nevertheless, thanks to his marvellous bunker play, we got up and down ever time. And we're still friends. Well we did go round Le Coudray in 2 over or something like that.)
    16/6/04 -- The IdF qualification for French National Seniors Championship "Promotion Seniors par équipes" was held at Ormesson today
    The Villarceaux men's team (I Jones' brilliance notwithstanding...) failed to get past the first day's stroke play (best 5 of 6 scores) . Seraincourt's Serge Denoix and Christian Chevallier put in scores of something like 73 and 74 (to be first of 8 qualifiers. They failed to qualify next day in the match- plays for the national championships. The Ladies team, inspired by Celia's fantastic 87 - fantastic because she had a 7:40 (Ouch!) start. By anyone's standards a 7:30 start is worth at least a stroke a hole, so by GB's reckoning an 87 is really a 3-under! Actually 87 was the 3rd highest score, and the team qualified in 4th place out of 8. Unfortunately, without Celia's help, the Ladies failed to win one of the two national slots available from the match plays next day. On the IdF site are the results of the Men's and Ladies' competitions.
    12/6/04 -- Trophée Lebon results - Pam Constant best SAC score
    Highlight was the scores of the Gross winners, Christiane Boisseau taking the ladies BRUT (and the NET with 39 points)  and Emmanuel PETIT, who stormed round in scratch (or -1?) for a NET 42 Stableford. Emmanuel was playing off played off 4.9 prior to that! Pam was runner up in her series with 38 points.
    9 & 10/6/04 -- Île de France Seniors Individual Stroke Play Championship
    The event over 2 rounds took place at Villarceaux on June 9th and 10th. The results may be found on the Ligue IdF site. Serge Denoix of Seraincourt (Hcap 4.9) won with an aggregate of  151, (his buddy Christian Chevallier came 5th and our friend Roland Bouloux came 8th on 166.
    31/5/04 -- results of 2 day Pentecôte Eclectic
    SAC golfers do well - results on Villarceaux site - notably Celia 1st net in 1st series Ladies (Christanne Boisseau winning gross)
    18/5/04 -- Villarceaux win at Disney
    No, we're not taking the Mickey! Villarceaux entered a strong 3-person team, familiar to all of us, for the IdF Golf Club Personnel Championship held yesterday at the Disneyland Paris Golf Cub - Jean-Luc Hallard, Sébastien Graffin and Bernadette Béline.
    Jean-Luc came in with a magnificent 73 to win the Gross prize against strong opposition that included 2 pros - whose score didn't count - but beating one of them! Sébastien won the Net - a good win since has struggled with injury for a long time this year. And Bernadette shot a very creditable 40 Stableford to come in 3rd in her category. Many congratulations to all three. (The Ligue IdF site should have more info in due course.)
    16/5/04 -- Michael Dean makes clean sweep
    Hot from his 39 the day before, youthful 2003 Matchplay Champion Michael Dean, laying an early claim to the Double, showed no signs of flagging and only took 12 holes to dispatch veteran John Willatts in the Men's Matchplay (he was 3 over par at the time). Father Andrew (surely not a monk!) finally succumbed (definitely not a monk) on the 18th to the deadly play of Patrick Tyrrell.
    15/5/04 -- Muriel Jones and Michael Dean win their series in Spring
    Muriel Jones won the 2nd Series Ladies' prize and was also the best SAC player in the Spring Cup today played in glorious conditions at Villarceaux. Michael Dean won the Men's Net. Overall Spring Cup (Gross) winner was Michel Lavernhe, who would also have just pipped Michael on the back nine for the Net. Another creditable 39er was Jonathan Hibbs (with Françoise also 3rd in her series) came in 3rd Net of the 3rd series men, which was won by Arnaud Rossi with 45 points to be the overall Spring Cup Net winner! Well done Marie-France for getting nearest to the pin too!
    9/5/04 -- Julie Peacock wins at Villarceaux
    Julie P won the 1st Series Dames Brut prize in today's Coupe du Comité Competition
    9/5/04 -- Neil Anderson wins Saint Cloud Club Championship
    Neil wins 1 up on 18th having grabbed victory from jaws of defeat.
    He went 1 up on the first, then 1 down at the turn, 2 down on 12th, 1 up on 15th. He should have been 2 up with 2 to go but choked and stayed 1 up. He snap hooked his drive into trees on 17th but played a great 4 iron after a sidewards recovery to get the birdie and stay 1 up. Both parred 18th - Neil had to had to sink 6 footer downhill to win. "I thumped it to the back of the hole," said Neil, "Having learned my lesson in the 1/4 final when I choked twice on that sort of putt and had to go to 19th to win."

    "I'm dead chuffed," he said. "Now I need to get my handicap down to 6.9 by Sept to take part in 1st series club championship and complete the 'treble'!"

    8/5/04 -- Neil Anderson into final
    Neil won his semi-final 4&3 in wind and rain against 13 year old playing off 8. His lack of "respect" for the conditions cost him a bit, but Neil was always up from the first hole.
    2/5/04 -- Neil Anderson into Saint Cloud Club Championship Semis
    Kiwi Cup winner and past Champion Neil Anderson charges into Saint Cloud Club Championship Semis after a 19 hole quarter final cliff-hanger
    27/3/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies beat Chantilly in 1/4 final of Coupe de Paris
    Oh, this was exciting! All down to the last match, a foursome starring section President Pam and Murielle from Villarceaux, 1 up going into the 18th. Now to the green. Murielle (22 handicap facing a looong putt (4m?), slightly down hill across the green pin high from left to right to close out the match and give Villarceaux the victory over favourites Chantilly.Back to the beginning. Chantilly had made the same bet as Les Yvelines, hoping to win all the singles (at 2 points each) with low handicappers, and perhaps sacrificing one or more doubles. Suzon, Celia and Christiane all duly went down to low-handicap opponents as expected ( though 11/12 handicap Suzon held her 3/4 handicapper till the 17th!) and then Julie started the shift to Villarceaux by winning her match. Then another singles to Villarceaux , and a doubles - match (3 points) - scores now Chantilly 6, Villarceaux 7, but all now down to the last doubles. 2 - up to Villarceaux going into 16. Lost. 1/2 17. Now back to the 18th green, Sue - caddying Pam, helps Murielle line up this critical putt. From the clubhouse we see the ball on its way, going, going going on for ever. It's too long! Wait, it's vanished! It's in the hole! We've won! Next match semi-finals in October, would you believe it!
    20/3/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies beat Les Yvelines at Villarceaux
    Les Yvelines led with 2 low handicappers in the singles, and Suzon was betting that, though 2 early losses were probably inevitable, that, because of the handicap averages, Villarceaux could pick up points lower down the team matches. This proved to be right, and Villarceaux beat them to win the pool and meet Chantilly in the 1/4 finals at Villarceaux again.
    13/3/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies beat Villennes 11-5 at Villennes
    SAC contribution included Julie (caddied by Celia) winning her singles 5 up and Sue (with Véronque) winning their match on the 19th! Pam powered Pascale to a nice 3/2 singles result, while Golf Bag's horse player Christiane cruised to a lazy 6/5 against an opponent having an off day. A nice result, good for our "gowalavrage" (see 19th hole), but unfortunately not enough, since Villarceaux are still 2 points behind leaders Les Yvelines so Sat 20th's match against them at Villarceaux is the decider!
    6/3/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies beat Guerville 11-5 at Villarceaux in their first Coupe de Paris Pool match
    The first round of the Coupe de Paris this year is based on 8 pools of 3 teams, who play one match against each other (Ladies: 5 singles - 2 points each and 2 foursomes - 3 points), the winner of each pool going forward to the 1/4 finals - which, incidentally, will be played at Villarceaux this year - on the 25th. Roll up to support our Ladies Team members (Celia, Jule, Sue.) (Les Yvelines tied with Villennes 8-8 at Villennes but won on the strength of more matches won.)
    18/1/04 -- Villarceaux Ladies win Consolante de la Coupe d'Automne with help of SAC powerhouse
    Congratulations to Celia Berry, Sue Hall, Julie Peacock and their caddies Pam and Alan, in powering the Villarceaux Ladies to victory today at Montgriffon over an stronger (and younger, dare I say) team from Domont. However experience prevailed and  despite competing in appallingly cold conditions, with the flags in their usual impossible locations, they nevertheless managed to go 4 up, giving us an overall victory out of the 7 matches, featuring good wins from Julie (singles) and Sue (with Véronique in a foursome), with Celia still on 18 at the close. A pity that they had to miss out on the final two hours of tripping the light fantastic - but that sacrifice surely earned them a place in the record books. Well done!
    18/12/03 -- The new R&A 2004 rules are available
    Click the R&A link above or on the left. Rumour has it that the Fédération are interpreting the new 'priority' rules to mean that a single player may have priority on the course! Make up your own mind or join in the discussion in the Forum
    14/12/03 -- SAC golfers (Sue Hall, Julie P - and caddie Big Al) power Villarceaux ladies to semi-final victory
    While Rockerbaby Berry takes day off and trips away the night fantastic at the Club Xmas bash, others drew the short straw and had to leave early to get to Montgriffon at dawn in order to roundly defeat Rochefort at  in the semi-final of the Consolante de la Coupe d'Automne. This devotion to duty paid off as Sue & Véronique won their foursome 2 up, as did Sophie and Muriel, and Julie won her singles 6  & 4. Paul-André in the last match resisted the pressure and won to give Villarceaux the 4-3 victory.
    The Final is to be played on January 18th - the book is now open on whether Rockerbaby Berry will be wearing golf shoes or dancing pumps (or both) to the soirée on the 17th!
    (Villarceaux men, incidentally, won the final of the Coupe d'Automne against St Aubin at Bondoufle, with Emile Trojani bringing in their 5/4 victory on the 19th hole!)
    7/12/03 -- Freezing ladies
    Villarceaux ladies qualify for Semis of Consolante de Coupe d'Automne by thrashing Saint-Aubin at Rochefort 6.5/0.5 in fine but icy conditions. "I've been warmer wrestling Polar bears," said Celia '7-layers and still shivering' Berry, who notwithstanding ends all early 7&5.
    22/11/03 -- SAC gets first crack at the new wine while England (Jonny) kick Aussies into submission
    SAC stalwarts Pam (la Presidenta) Constant, Sue and Peter (no relation) Hall  stagger off with the First (Net) Prize in the Beauj Nouv Scamble at Vill today (Nov 22). Team Constant and other SACcers had asked for late Tee-offs so as to be able to watch the England/Oz match on the TV at Vill; this most managed to do, but the going into extra time meant that several players had to dash off and only learned of the story of Jonny and his Magic Boot by semaphore!
    22/10/03 -- "Sud" defeauts "Nord" by a point at Le Coudray
    Golf Bag participated in a strange tournament called Nord vs Sud, the culmination of the summer Wrinkly Challenges. The "Nord" team comprises the pick of the wrinklies  from the Val d'Oise, Villarceaux, Ableiges, L'Isle Adam, Seraincourt, Rebetz and Domont. The Sud includes Rochefort, Ormesson, Ozoir, Le Coudray, and Stade Français.
    Great fun. Golf Bag and partner were in sparkling form, going round in about 3 over par for a full 3 points, despite some erratic iron play (both playing short and wide from 120m or so), with lots of sand saves and good putting (on excellent greens at about 2.8/2.9 metres despite early frost!).
    So what's strange? Well the handicap and scoring. See 19th Hole.
    Incidentally Golf Bag has finally come to the conclusion, third time around, that he really quite likes Le Coudray! Not too long, and much more difficult than it's slope would imply, and in excellent condition. This has obviously nothing to do with the fact that first two times he played abysmally.
    11/10/03 -- Autumn Vase results highlights
    John Greenwood, Pam Constant, Alan Peacock, Mary Rosset and Martine Howard feature strongly for SAC.
    John also takes the SAC Trophy for best score by a SAC member.
    4/10/03 -- Centenary Cup
    Oh, woe, again! - Villarceaux take Cup from uninspired SAC.
    2/10/03 -- Villarceaux Wrinklies Win Challenge 95
    Challenge 95 is Val d'Oise Seniors team stableford competition including Ableiges, Domont, l'Isle Adam, Rebetz, Seraincourt and Villarceaux. Congratulations and thanks to participating SAC members, including Claude and Joyce Jacques, Peter Engelen, John Willatts, Pam Constant, Jill Forrest, Naomi Moore, and perhaps others I've forgotten. Paul Miller won the 2nd Gross prize, 1st was Isle de France Seniors Champion Serge Denoix. Christian Etencelin won the player of the season award for his fine showing in the Net and Gross averages, and 2nd place in the highest net score (45ish) - he's had a 73 and a couple of 74s at Villarceaux recently. We are looking forward to a winter season playing Patsome matchplay against Gadancourt, Montgriffon (new), Rebetz, Seraincourt and Templiers.
    27-28/9/03 - Limère Golf Weekend Limère
    Françoise Hibbs wins everything! See also here.
    17/9/03 -- Another Hole in One!
    Well done Jill! Jill's once-in-a-lifetime exploit (unless your name is Lacey) met with rapturous silence in Ireland.
    11/9/03 -- Trophée Lancôme starts
    Visit the site for coverage ( or the uncoverage of  the girl with the flashing n*pple)

    10/9/03 -- Swedes take Riders cup on a recount!
    Oh woe! Marauding Swedes whisk Riders Cup from SAC by a whisker - 208 to 203, despite a sterling Gross/Net performance from Simon Murphy! Bravo! See you all again next year!
    6/9/03 -- Men's Matchplay matches Michael and Murphy 
    Michael Dean and Simon Murphy all set for Final of Men's Matchplay after defeating Anderson and Miller respectively. Keep tuned to Sacgolf  for exclusive live(ish) coverage of this never-to-be-repeated event.
    30/8/03 -- Villarceaux - Molly Willatts gets Hole in One
    During today's Quadrathlon Greensome round at Villarceaux today, Golf Bag and party were calmly proceeding from the 4th tee towards their drives when exuberant cries alerted them to the fact that Molly Willatts's drive on the 3rd had disappeared from view down the hole. Thanks to husband John for supplying the assembled multitude at the club house with the traditional glass of bubbly. This makes the third hole in one by a SAC member this year (see below about Eric Two-Ace Lacey), but the first at which Golf Bag has been able to toast the victim!
    29/8/03 -- Golf du Val de l'Indre (Châteauroux) St Sauveur National Finals
    In the end 47 or so clubs turn up for the finals. As in the Eliminatoires at Bondoufle (see below) the qualifying for the quarter finals is based on 6 stroke play rounds per club with the best 5 scores counting. (In principle the finals are based on 4 singles and four foursomes matchplay.) Villarceaux were in contention for one of the last two places with three other teams up until mid morning Friday, since thunderstorms on Thursday caused a two hour delay and termination of the day's play at 8 o'clock, the interrupted rounds restarting at 8:30 AM (Villarceaux on the 16th).
    Unfortunately in the end two clubs posted strong scores late to take the last two places, so Villarceaux ended up 10th. A creditable score, but unfortunately missing the final stages again by a couple of strokes for the third year running. See the FFG match report here. Paul Miller turned in a creditable performance of 85, 47th out of 135 odd players on the first day. Note only 10 rounds under 80 out of 250 players a majority of whose handicaps were between 7 and 10!
    The Val de L'Indre course is similar in difficulty to Villarceaux, with a lot of holes wooded like those of Rochefort with a couple of really spectacular finishing holes in the 9th and 18th. The clubhouse is not the world's greatest, basically just a (public) restaurant/bar run by Formule Golf. A lot of the high scoring was due to the pressure of the event as the course itself was in pretty good nick, except the greens, which though vast and flat, were too soft and bumpy with the several hundred rounds of golf played on them for the event and its preparation. A lot of the successful players went round the course using nothing longer than a 3 iron to stay out of trouble. (Paul's one venture into the woods earned a triple, and one of the playing partners notched up a round hundred (never saw a fairway in fact)!
    13/8/03 -- Rochefort - Paul Miller beats par!
    2003_08_rochefort_golf_paul_card.jpg (68720 octets) Paul Miller recorded his (and the Section's?) first sub-par round today during a private competition at the Rochefort Chisan Country Club with a one under 70. "I was spurred on by marker Eric Two-Ace Lacey's recent second hole in one, and I could see Ian Jones, playing behind, seemingly hole everything in sight; then Murielle Jones identified all the trees and other rough stuff that needed avoiding ," he said. "The greens were true and I didn't miss a single putt and got some good ones in to boot," he added. 
    6/7/03 -- Bondoufle - Eliminatoires St Sauveur
    Villarceaux men won their place in the National finals (along with 3 other IdF teams) at the end of August at the Golf Val de l'Indre near Chateauroux, where 49 teams will be competing.
    5/7/03 -- Bondoufle - Eliminatoires St Sauveur
    Outstanding performances by today's medallists (74, 77, 80) in admittedly slightly milder conditions hoist Villarceaux to 2nd place in the standings, allowing them a slight lie in to 8:45 before Sunday's matchplay matches. Curiously Bondoufle, 1st or 2nd after the first day leading Villarceaux by 9 or so points, fail to qualify! The National finbal is to be played at the Golf du Val de L'Indre at the end of August.
    4/7/03 -- Bondoufle - Eliminatoires St Sauveur
    Loyal to Captain's orders to post a 10 over in the qualifying round for the St Sauveur competition  - the male equivalent of the Commission Féminine thing below (or vice versa), Paul Miller produces an electrifying triple bogey (wrong club, OB,  water, etc!), soon followed by a double in windy conditions at Bondoufle. After first 3 medal rounds (81, 82, 82) team lies 7 or 8 equal.
    4/7/03 -- Saint Cloud - Trophée de la Commission Féminine
    Saint Cloud unfortunately put their local knowledge to good use and defeat out valiant Viallarceax Ladies.
    3/7/03 -- Saint Cloud - Trophée de la Commission Féminine
    Celia Berry and Julie Peacock help Villarceaux Ladies advance to 1/8 Finals (vs St Cloud) at St Cloud in the team stoke play phase.
    26/6/03 -- Villarceaux - Wrinklies Thrash Ableiges
    In the latest round of the summer "Challenge 95" interclub Team Stableford Villarceaux beat visiting Ableiges 290 point to 259, thanks to the generous support of Joyce and Claude Jacques.
    21/6/03 -- Villarceaux - Trophée Lebon
    Naomi Moore takes net prize in 1st Series Ladies with 38 Stableford points.
    15/6/2003 -- Villarceaux - Bad Day for Macs in SAC Matchplay
    Ireland suffered a double defeat in the SAC 2003 World Matchplay Championships today with Michael Dean inflicting a resounding defeat on Maurice and Celia Berry doing the same to Deirdre.
    14/6/2003 -- Villarceaux - Les Amis de (or Peacock's progress
    Julie and Alan with their respective friends fare outstandingly, with Julie taking firts brut and net, while Alan is 4th brut and 3rd Net. Congrats.
    11/6/2003 -- Villarceaux -- Anderson triumphs 
    Stealing a considerable advance on the rest of the field, Douglas Anderson (84) today booked a prime place in the SAC Men's Matchplay semi-final by defeating Peter Engelen (92) in an outstanding display of the golfer's art. "A most enjoyable game, the more so since I won," quipped Anderson. "Seriously, this was a closely fought battle in which we matched each other blow for blow right down to the last putt," he added. "Phew, what a scorcher," said Engelen enigmatically referring either to the weather or the game.
    26/4/2003 -- Arras weekend --
    21/3/2003 -- Spring is here.....
    and with it comes one of the last opportunities of the season to catch a glimpse of one of the  region's unique features - the Manoir de Ninon at the heart of the Domaine de Villarceaux - which has recently had considerable sums of money invested in restoration of the buildings, the pools and lakes, and in particular the gardens. The Manoir, and Ninon's eponymous "Tour" (as distinct from the big Chateau up the hill, the New, or Château du Haut) can just be seen during the winter from the 2nd Tee between the Yellows and the Blues. tee no 2_1.jpg (287696 octets)Click the image to see the full-size for a photo taken by Monica Greenwood recently. Shortly the burgeoning foliage will obscure this beautiful sight for another 6 months or more.
    15/3/2003 -- Villarceaux Ladies robbed of Coupe de Paris glory by Ableiges at L'Isle Adam.
    After frost delayed start by 30 minutes, the tie was played in perfect, cold and sunny but windy conditions a L'Isle Adam. Unfortunately the stronger-on-paper Ableiges team shattered the hopes and dreams of the 10-strong Villarceaux Ladies Team, which included such SAC stars as Celia Berry (ably caddied by Naomi Moore), Julie Peacock (supported by charioteer husband Alan), Pam Constant and Sue Hall, by being stronger on the course too. 
    14/3/2003 -- Indefatigable Pam Constant voted in again for another term as Chair.
    Peter Engelen, Malcolm Forrest, Sue Hall, Claude Jacques, Nigel Law, James Moore re-elected and joined by Maurice McCullough, replacing Jas Saini
    1/3/2003 -- SAC Golf Section goes live on the Web
    See the press release for more information.

    Press releases


    What the media say 

    • Leighton Buzzard Advertiser, 2/3/03
      "Did I hear anyone mention tedium? ...Yawn..."
    • Hemel Hempstead Herald, 3/3/03
      "Deeply unfulfilling..... almost entirely unsatisfactory..."
    • Cleethorpes Clips, 1/4/03
      "Really stimulating .... an absolute must .... more bracing than a day at Skegness ... unreservedly recommended ... deserves a medal..."
    • Tiperary Times, 13/3/03
      "Should really go far ... far ... far ... away. What, is it still there?"



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